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RAID 10 is a "nested" RAID level, the "10" being a reflection of RAID 10 being RAID 1+ RAID 0 (aka RAID 1+0). The general principle of RAID is that multiple disks are used to create a single disk, either for the purpose of increasing capacity or improving performance or reliability. Since a RAID appears to be a single disk there is nothing to stop a RAID configuration using multiple RAIDs rather than multiple disks, in fact it can add some additional qualities to the overall set up. RAID10 is two RAIDs, each a RAID0 striped set, with one mirrored to the other. This gives the performance of RAID 0, but as RAID0 has no redundancy and will fail if a single disk stops working, every write to the RAID0 array is mirrored to a second RAID0 array.

Using a minimum of four hard disk drives, two hard drives being the minimum for a RAID0 and then multiplied by which is the minimum for a RAID1 mirror.

The benefit that RAID 10 gives is that RAID 0 is high performance as the I/O load is balanced across a number of disks, and that this benefit is not offset at all be any requirement to calculate parity or ECC information. The major disadvantage of RAID 0, that there is no redundancy, is dealt with by the entire RAID 0 array being mirrored

RAID 10 data recovery

The addition of RAID 1 mirroring gives a reduction in the likelihood of the array failing and so reduces the chances of a RAID data recovery being required.

The most common reasons for needing RAID 10 data recovery are that there has been a logical failure, accidental deletion or file system corruption. A problem on one half of the array is instantly reflected on the other

The weakness of RAID 1+0 is that if 2 disks fail, on in each of the RAID 0 arrays, the entire RAID will no longer function. So long as it is not the same disk in each part of the array that has failed then any data recovery process will give 100% success, otherwise there could be some loss of data

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