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RAID 0+1

RAID 0+1 is, like RAID 10, a nested RAID or a combination of different RAID implementations. RAID is a method of using multiple hard drives to either create a larger hard drive, to add protection against failure, or a combination of both. As a hardware RAID device will appear to be a single disk then there is nothing to stop multiple RAID arrays being used as if they were single disks in order to build a further RAID array. This is the principle behind nested RAID configurations.

RAID 0+1 uses a minimum of four hard disk drives, two per "disk drive" used to build the RAID0, and there is no parity (error correction information) generation. RAID 0+1 is basically a RAID 0 striped array where each "disk drive" is a mirrored (RAID 1 ) pair. This means that any one disk from any disk pair can fail without data loss.

RAID 0+1 data recovery

As with RAID 10 data recovery is still a requirement when file deletion, file system corruption or file damage are the problem.

RAID 0+1 data recovery will also be required if both disks from one of the mirrored pairs develop bad sectors or fail. The addition of the mirroring of the composite disks does significantly reduce the likelihood of data loss as the result of disk failures.

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