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Is a NAS RAID reconfiguration the end of your data?

The popularity of Network Attached Storage (NAS) RAID units has never been higher. For a small outlay a low powered, easy maintenance, storage device of 1TB or higher can be plugged in and used where once an expensive server with disk storage would have been the only option. Whilst RAID5 gives a high degree of reliance against the failure of any one disk in the NAS unit, other problems can result in an apparent total loss of data and a requirement for a NAS Data Recovery.

A NAS storage device  in need of recovery was delivered to us last week. The customer had been using the device and on Friday evening all data was present and correct, but when the customer went to access the device on the Monday morning it was operational but there was no data present. So where had it gone and could a data recovery be achieved?

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Who says UNIX file undeletion is impossible?

The recovery of data files that have been deleted is not always a matter of competence, to a great extent success is governed by the file system in use and how busy the system has been since the deletion.

Windows NTFS, for example, marks a file as deleted but until the MFT entry is reused all of the file’s allocation information is still present. Other systems clear some or all of a file’s allocation information as soon as there is deletion, which is why the recovery of deleted files from heavily fragmented FAT file systems is such a nightmare.

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