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NDMP Restoration – No filer required

The restoration of data that was backed up from NetApp and EMC appliances, when those appliances have been retired, has long been a source of angst for IT departments. Do you have to retain appliances in case data is needed? Do you just accept that data is lost or that legacy hardware will have to be re-commissioned if a restoration from an NDMP backup is required?

Altirium’s “restore-on-demand” service now provides a solution with NDMP support being an integral part of Altirum’s much vaunted ADR Suite tape restoration software. Whether you have NetWorker NDMP backups from a NetApp filer or NetBackup backups from an EMC Celerra, files can be restored from your tapes direct to USB disk and returned to you quickly.

Contact Mark Sear or Laura Sangster on 01296 658737 to find how your access to your NDMP backups can be retained without the main of maintaining legacy systems.

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