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Data Recovery – Don’t take no-fix for an answer

When I first started in the data recovery industry back in 1995 data recovery was very much a specialist area of expertise. There were no ‘off the shelf’ data recovery software tools. We had to develop our own methods and techniques to get the job done. These days however the data recovery market place is flooded with companies offering such services, so how do you know who to choose?

There are many data recovery software tools on the market these days that, in some circumstances, can provide a quick and cheap solution if the problem being experienced is relatively straight forward. Because of this market in data recovery tools anyone who has some IT skill and is capable of pressing the ‘go’ button in the data recovery software can claim to provide a service. What happens however if the problem is too complex for the recovery tool or there is a hardware fault?

We often see cases that have already been to other recovery companies and have been declare a ‘no-fix’, stating the data cannot be recovered, where we have been able to successfully recover the data the customer required.

We are able to do this because of our level of knowledge and the commitment we give to each and every job. We do this because we have a passion for the work and take pride in the service and results we can offer.

I have been reverse engineering backup formats, file structures and file systems for many years and have been writing software to recover data from some unimaginable scenarios and I am not the only member of the team with these credentials. We can therefore provide a high level of service to all of the jobs we see.

The level of service we can provide is not beholden to any third-party utilities, if we encounter a data recovery situation, legacy backup format or file system corruption that our existing tool set does not cater for we will develop the solution required, no-fix is not an answer.

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