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Festive fun with LTO

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
Save for the IT manager at a German TV channel attempting to restore some footage from their PresStore backup archive in time for a New Year ’s Day TV Show…

To this day we are not sure what was not working, but working it was not. The catalogue of the PresStore backups had been cleared, it was thought that the 200 x LTO4 tapes would no longer be needed, so now a frantic effort was being made to re-create the infrastructure and scan 200 tapes.

With a single LTO4 drive it was already going to be a matter of luck whether the right tape was found in time as even working 24 hours a day you could hope only to get through 40 or so tapes in the time available, and the re-cataloguing kept failing with configuration errors, and so came the call for help, followed by an IT manager in a Volvo bearing LTO tapes and an expression of angst.

One of the benefits of writing one’s own software for various backup formats is that you don’t need to worry about configuration, processing is pretty much a function of tapes drive numbers, and with 20 LTO5 drives running in less than 2 days the PresStore backups had been re-scanned, a catalogue created and the required data identified.

Restoration of the required data from the PresStore backup took about an hour and so with time to spare our hero was racing back under the channel to save the day.

I have no idea who the footage was of, someone I am too old to appreciate I am told, so I apologise now to any Bavarian parent whose New Year peace we were responsible for disrupting, but the happy smiling face of the IT manager made it all worthwhile.

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