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Optical Disk Data Recovery Service

Have you lost data? Do you have an optical disk containing data that you cannot read, or a WORM disk that your software cannot access?

Altirium's optical disk data recovery service combines specialist engineers and software developers to give you a fast recovery of the data from your optical disk. Whether you have an unreadable WORM, a damaged MO disk, or an magneto-optical disk that cannot be accessed in your drive, Altirium's optical disk data recovery experts will recover your data.

Altirium's free data recovery diagnosis means that not only will your optical disk be worked upon by data recovery experts with many years of experience, but until the diagnosis is completed and a report produced detailing what data can be recovered and the costs for the work, the process will not have cost you anything.

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Optical Disk Data Recovery Services

Physical problems

Magneto Optical disks, WORM or R/W, use a laser to heat a small area of the disk which then allows a magnetic recording to be made at that point and relies on near perfect optical clarity in order to then read back data. Scratches or dirt on the surface of the optical disk alter the optical characteristics with the result that a recording can be faulty or that a good recording can no longer be read back. In many instances Altirium's optical disk recovery specialists have taken optical disks that have in excess of 30% unreadable sectors and completed a recovery in excess of 50% of the data.

Logical problems

WORM, and sometimes re-writable disks, are often used in conjunction with proprietary organisations of data. This means that if there is a problem with the file system on the disk any data recovery requires either knowledge of the file system that is being used or else the ability to reverse engineer it and develop suitable data recovery tools to access the files. Altirium's developers have a detailed knowledge of many optical storage formats but can also develop new ones quickly to meet the demands of the most urgent data recovery requirements.

Altirium’s optical disk drive data recovery service is founded upon a strong technical understanding of both the hardware and file systems used for file storage on magneto-optical, WORM, phase-change and permanent WORM media. At Altirium's software development lab in the UK near London, data recovery utilities are created and tested to give complete low-level control of the data recovery process. So, once the data from an optical has been secured, it is examined thoroughly by an experienced specialist who can readily identify any problems before any attempts to recover files are made. This ensures that the data recovery process is undertaken in a controlled and professional manner and that the most complete possible results will be achieved.

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